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The Case dell'Acqua, the water dispenser kiosks, made by BrianzAcque in collaboration with the Municipalities, are H2O self-service distributors. They allow filling a bottle of still and sparkling water directly from a tap at room temperature or refrigerated. Modern evolutions of the fountains of the past, they are located almost everywhere in the Brianza area, mostly in squares, and in areas that are easily accessible both on foot and by car.

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Excellent, safe and controlled water

The water supplied is from the mains, the same water from the aqueduct that is further sterilised with UV lamps to improve its taste and preserve its organoleptic qualities. To guarantee the quality of the water distributed, frequent and accurate checks are carried out by the BrianzAcque laboratories holding the marks of Accredia and of the competent ATS.

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Less pollution and more savings

The water supplied is local and helps promote the concept of sustainability, guaranteeing a financial savings and ecological gain. Those using the water from the kiosk contribute to limiting the transport of bottles by truck also limiting the bottle production. This way, carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere are reduced and the amount of waste is lowered, and this is extremely beneficial for the environment.

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Tips for a proper service
  • Prefer frequent supplies to large stocks
  • Use new bottles, preferably in glass
  • Consume the water within two days, as the containers are not sterile, therefore the liquid may deteriorate over time.
  • Store the water in a cool, dry place that is not under direct sunlight.
  • Search for the nearest kiosk
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